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Located in the central sands area in the heart of Wisconsin, Paramount Farms, Inc. has grown from 130 acres to a Top Producer vegetable farm with a land base of 16,000 acres. Our primary crop is potatoes. We grow 3,200 acres of white potatoes for the potato chip industry, 600 acres of Russets for the “French Fry” industry, 900 acres of red potatoes for table market, and 700 acres of russet "Bakers" potatoes for baking. We also grow 5,200 acres sweet corn, 1000 acres of peas, and 2600 acres of beans for the canning industry.

Our diverse soil types range from sand to muck and allow us to produce top quality crops. This is especially true in the potato market, where the soils are conducive to producing a bright red color in the red potato varieties, smooth skin and blocky shape in the russet potato varieties, and chipping potatoes that maintain their internal brightness into 9 months of storage.

Our purpose at Paramount Farms is to provide a high quality, customer preferred product and service at a fair, competitive price that provides profit for both parties for continued growth. We also want to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all involved and security for the future.

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